May 1, 2011

Comments on Clint's Reality Blog

04/11'11 tt) Skyscrapers that are suddenly erupting like volcanoes ...
"This is how I feel when I try and wake people up." Yeah, man, and that's exactly what I'm talking about. But in a way you don't know yet. For sure. Because what's the use of all your knowledge if nobody is listening to you.

04/19'11 -Clint- to Ron Mamita: "Well my friend, I think we are on the same page.
The reason I like the idea of Walter's TRF is that it is based on the foundation of lawful (voted by the people) transparency. So if all the books and paper trails were opened to scrutiny, the trail I'm sure would lead to the folks you refer to here as the elite 'cabal'.
But the point I am making is that unless we get that transparency and change the laws, you and I will never be able to gain access to that trail. So I believe we should all be focusing on attaining that privilege by changing the law accordingly. Otherwise, we are beating a dead horse with 9/11, the Rothschilds, elites, etc. ... for we cannot do anything about it or them while the law is not on our side.
I'll be posting a new website soon that will be aimed at changing all of this ... will be up soon. It just might work: Clint for President You'll get it when you see it!"

05/01'11 tt) I like the article, which means I will use your thoughts in it, but you can't really expect to be taken seriously, Clint, if you, on the one hand, elaborate about conspiracy theory as a state of mind (as an ideology or kind of piety) and then, at the same time, preaching the "Jewish World Conspiracy" under the catch-word "Zionism 101" on the other hand, you see? This simply doesn't work. You can't speak of American Feudal fiefdoms and then pass responsibility for this to one particular group, you know. In your case, the Jews.

05/02'11 -Clint-: "Take the time to listen to the three hour recording I made after painstaking research located on this blog (Zionism 101).
If you still feel the same way, even after my avid defense of the real Sephardic 'Jews' who are against Zionism and even Israel (occupied Palestine) then by all means, dismiss this with the 'race card'. If that's what you're supposed to do. You learn to do this from kindergarten. Ignore the fact that Schindler's wife said Spielberg lied about the whole movie. Forget that Anne Frank's diary is a proven fraud in a court of law and written by a famous playwright. Forget all the admitted lies ...
I refuse to be silent about the truth. Understanding CAFRs and Zionism are paramount to any understanding at all about reality.

'I am a Zionist. You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.'
Joe Biden, U.S. Vice-President

Need I say more, really?"

05/05'11 tt) Did I say you should be silent about anything, Clint?
What makes you think that I would dare to demand something like this from you? Hey, it's me, okay?
The issue of my comment, I think, was mainly that you can't argue against believing in a conspiracy at the same time you advocate a conspiracy yourself. That is simply a matter of logic, alright? Nothing else.
In other words, preaching "the truth" will always contradict oneself at some point.

"Understanding CAFRs and Zionism are paramount to any understanding at all about reality."
I totally agree with that, but there is a lot more that's paramount to this very goal ...
I promise to you that I will take the time to listen to your three hour recording, I take back the "in your case, the Jews" part, and I will comment your painstaking research about the subject.
"Need I say more, really?" Not to me (at this particular point anyway), but there's, of course, a lot more to say about than what you hint at in your reply. And there's really no reason to feel attacked by me, not at all.
Because I'm not in the convincing business, you know:

"But all civility that we know of has a very strong military touch, and the reason why 'war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means' can, in my opinion, be found behind this shimmering veneer of sensationalist conspiracy theory: which is the fact that, despite all this professional theatricality around apparent democratic proceedings, there is a pretty monolithic, very bureaucratic, quasi-monarchic structure in power inside this culture that makes politics a military instrument in the first place.
And belligerent persuasion-oriented rhetoric is the way this system operates,


Clint said...

Just for your reference... I go out of my way to be protective of the Sephardic "Jew", and would never use the word if it were possible.

Zionism does not in any way require one to be Jewish.

"I am a Zionists. You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionists." --Joe Biden

As long as you fall for this group of white people hiding behind "jews" the true nature of politics will always be hidden to you.

Zionism is not Jewish.

Semitic means Arab.

Anti-Semitic does not apply to Zionists, unless they are true Sephardic Jews, many of which want nothing to do with Zionism, or even Israel (occupied Palestine).

The 25,000 jews in Iran do not want to leave Iran, because they identify as Iranian Jews... despite the fact that Israeli interests are offering them relocation settlements to move to Israel in the thousands.

Eventually, Americas Zionist lead army will invade Iran and force these people to relocate.

Do some research or actually listen to my 2 blogs about Zionism before you casually dismiss this subject with the "race card". That is exactly what you are trained to do from birth.

Take care.


Tosco said...

Do I look like I'd fall for the Jesuitical arguments of Papist and Zionist Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. or any other "Obama's White Papal Masters"?
It seems as if I was way too hasty in reading over your main blog entry about the subject: "Zionism 101 – The Complete Story". Sorry for that, Clint, it won't never happen again.

Clint said...

Putting ones self out there invites some hard to handle opposition, generally controlled opposition. I am already weary of this, after less than a year of this effort to educate people.

There is one thing that cannot be ignored... duel-Israeli citizens sitting in the highest levels of American and international governments. 32 duel-Israelis in the Bush cabinet, and an Obama Cheif of Staff that is labeled the chief Mossad agent in the United States with a known Israeli terrorist (a real terrorist) father, and whom chose to serve in the Israeli military instead of the U.S. military.

No sovereign country in its right mind would allow a foreign interest to take control of its government.

So Zionism is certainly a parallel on this path, and not a distraction.

I understand your point, but the realization of this Zionism thing changes everything, and cannot be ignored - it is the enemy at the gates. Whereas most everything else can be fixed by CAFR knowledge and the reclaiming of government by the people. Zionism is the most powerful, most wealthy political blockade to that happening.