March 18, 2011

Mark Passio



April 9/10th 2011 Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA

02/28'11 First interview on Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media podcast

@ 59 min) "All astrotheological religious cults are based on the same basic retellings of these stories.
Now, part of my work is helping people to understand why all these religions were re-scripted to basically being exoteric retelling of these stories. There is, as a matter of fact, a very deep esoteric aspect to astrotheological world view and these religions are perversions of that that come down to us into the modern world. If we'd go back far enough and go back to the original mystery traditions, from which a lot of these teachings are derived, we understand that these things that we are being looked at and revered – I don't even want to use the word worship – were not external things in the sky, they were not the actual lights of the heavens.
These were only symbols that represented aspects of the self.
For example, the moon was a symbol that represented the sacred feminine aspects of creativity, nurturing, true care. Bonding, intuition, the pass of nature of one's self or the pass of sights to the personality.
Restfulness etc., they're all feminine qualities. And they were all internal qualities. And they all have to do with the emotional maturity of the person, the emotional aspects.
And that's what they were revering, not really the moon specifically as an actual object.

Unfortunately, these religions come down to us and are sort of worship of these actual objects.
They are watered-down versions of these original mystery traditions that were ultimately about the self and aspects within the self. And, sadly, they've been watered down, perverted, and sold in an exoteric fashion: something that's reserved for the unwashed masses, given to the unwashed masses, while the deep mystery traditions aspects of it are reserved for an inner core elite, a select or an elect group, as the case may be.
Look at Judaism, these are all the intellectual aspects or the mental qualities, and understanding how to break things down, and to analyze, and to look deeper into things and get to the core of the matter. These are about the quality of our thoughts. That if you really study the deep aspects of the Kabbalistic religion it's about understanding men's relationship to the cosmos and natural law. And it was originally something that was intended to be good.
Now, of course, as we've already talked about, for every positive aspect of the occult there is its mere opposite, there is the dark of cult. And that can be perverted and twisted and used as a weapon for people so inclined to do so and they have done that. So there is dark Kabbalism. There is dark Masonry. There is dark Rosicrucianism. Every positive aspect of the occult can be taken and twisted – its counter-essence can be set up. And indeed it has been, not just can be, that actually has been done. These high-level occultists that understand this knowledge and how it's all related to the inner qualities of the self and the human psyche, they are the ones who have set up these methods of mind control that we have already spoken about.

We look at the Christian religion, it's not about the actual sun or even this figure or personage that is a tribut to being Jesus, whether that's an actual historical person or not. I almost even stay away from that one. I know there is a lot of evidence to the contrary that may not have actually been a historical personage.
I have a difficult time thinking that something that big could have simply been created without some foundational basis for a teacher or a group of teachers. Now, maybe there was a group of Gnostic teachers that started the mystery traditions or were carrying that knowledge. And they turned it Gnosticism or original Gnostic Christianity back then and looked at this as a form of consciousness that was being taught and was being brought to people. And that's another reason Constantin had to shut it down.
If that higher form of consciousness, or 'Christ consciousness', had reached the masses of people there is no way they would have saw through all of the control that was being enacted upon them by the Roman Empire and their political system of basically serfdom. They would have saw through it within an instant, which is what we are trying to effect.
We are trying to raise consciousness to that high cosmic level so that people cut through all the forms of biased mind control and can see the truth for what it is, staring them in the face, telling them 'wake up'.

The original esoteric form of Christianity was about this higher level of consciousness and the symbol of the sun always represented that, represented illumination, and awakening, and awareness, and understanding, and awakening to the nature of one's true self and what reality really was all about. Another reason why they loved to use it as subversive symbolism to get you to buy things or buy into ideas [...] and most people don't have that level of consiousness or enlightment and so they sell them on the symbol as a proxy. And then they associate that symbol with an idea, or a product, or a service and then, lo and behold, people flock to it. Because it's something that's appealing to them, that they understand in wordless archetypal forms, represents an idea that is held in the subconscious mind, whether they are consciously aware of it or not."

03/10'11 Second appearance on Gnostic Media