April 11, 2011

Where Walter Burien meets Jon Stewart

Clint Richardson

12/02'10 Clint Richardswood with Angela on My Private Radio

@ 7 min) For years now, when you hear that we owe China money – that's not the case.
I mean, basically, this country is so wealthy beyond measure that you can't even comprehend it.
Just in pension funds alone across this country you have 26 trillion dollars. Just in pension funds, okay?

@ 29 min) There's no such thing of ethics anymore in business. Ethics has been completely wasted. It's just gone. It's shrivelled up and dried away in big business. I mean, what we're talking about here, really, the problem is and why all of this is happening is because – this is so important to understand and I hope I can explain it well – corporations are the ones that are doing all of this horrible stuff. They are the ones doing the abortions. They are the ones doing ... you know, Monsanto is government-owned, okay? The reason that pharmaceuticals are able to get away with what they give: is government-owned, okay? Why are medical companies, why is insurance so ridiculous? Well, it's government-owned, okay? Why are banks getting away with ***? They are government-owned, okay? You get the picture. Everything, every industry out there government has controlling interest in. [...]
Government, you know, they're not dumb.
Anybody who thinks George Bush is dumb, I've got a blog entry called George Bush For Dummies, *) and if you watch it you'll see the four years before he got elected as president. He was one of the best orators you'll ever seen. He was running for the Governor of Texas and he was one of the best speakers I've ever heard. And then all of the sudden: 'duh' ... No, he's not stupid, we are stupid for thinking he's stupid because, you know, it's like deniability: 'ah, well, we can't blame him, he's just some poor shmock who got put in there because of his daddy ...' That is so not true. These guys are brilliant. They're fooling us all.

*) "For while an intelligent man can convincingly act like an idiot, an idiot will never pass as an intelligent man. Thus, an academy award should be handed to George Bush Jr. for his wonderful eight year performance as the bumbling fool of politics. And, if you don't understand why the room full of media members are laughing at this horrific and callous display by Mr. Bush, it's because they are in on the joke!
They are laughing at you!
They fooled you once ... shame on you. And they fooled you twice, so ... you won't get fooled again (at least I hope not after reading this)."

@ 36 min) The major problem is transparency.

@ 40 min) This is something that I have not been able to really comprehend. I've asked Walter about this, and it's one of the things that I intend to do in the second part to The Corporation Nation, where I'll take all these questions that people ask me and I can't answer. Walter, when I ask him, he gets angry, because that's usually the question people ask where he doesn't have an answer. You know, like he said, 'people think of this shadowy elite that are pulling all the strings', and that very well may be. But essentially, what he'll tell you that it doesn't matter. That you've got the evidence of crime right in front on your face, you know where the money is because of the CAFR. Let's not focus on who is pulling the strings, let's focus on taking it back.
Angela) OK, but we need to hold them accountable.
Clint) Oh sure. But how you gonna do that right now? You can't do that.
But: If you would had implement his system, what would happen is all of those books, all those money trails, all of that information would suddenly be completely open. Transparent. You would see what was happening. But [...] I can () here and say that the Zionists are responsible, I can () here and say that the Vatican is responsible. I can tell you ... I have an article here that shows that the Queen through parlament changed our social security system, alright? I mean I can tell you all kinds of things like that, but can I do anything about it? And so the best answer I have to that question, because I don't have the answer, is, let's not focus on that because we can't do anything about it. What we have here is evidence. We have evidence of massive cover-up and crime by these corporations that are acting in government, and we need to stop it and we need to take it back.

@ 44 min) The best way I can relay what Walter says is, it's really not about that. I don't know if there is necessarily a set of people who are holding the shares. What it really is, and this is so important to understand, is what's become of our society and what's become of our work force and our sense of integrity. And work ethic has been replaced by greed, corruption, usury. [...] The problem is not that we () some group of people doing this. The problem is that if you get involved in a corporation, you get involved in a job, you will get farther, you will get ahead only if you lie, cheat and steal. So what we're talking about here is not a bunch of rich fat cats, we're talking about a whole group of people who see opportunity. Because it's easy money.

@ 58 min) Well, that's kind of what I was referring to is like people don't even think about the jobs they are doing anymore, they just do it. They don't think 'oh, this is really corrupt, I shouldn't be doing this.'
No one has the crisis of conscience that I was referring to
Usury is just natural to people and that's what needs to stop.
This will really gonna bake your noodle, actually – and again, some of you might know this, but – one thing we can't do, unfortunately, is fight this in any type of ordinary way, because here is one of the worst things that I found out, and that was just recently ...

@ 62 min) My worst fear is probably not that they're gonna kill me but that they're gonna put me in some kind of institution, where they let me rot. You know, I'm one of these rare people that ... at this point, I have no fear. I've got no children, I've got no family, essentially. I decided that I have to do this and I'm gonna keep doing this until a bullit goes in my head, essentially. And it's gonna get worse, because the things I'm about to uncover here they're gonna blow your mind. I mean, if you think the CAFR thing is big wait till you see some of the next stuff. [...]
It's gonna be an interesting ride, so wish me luck.

@ 84 min) Transparency is the absolute solution.

@ 87 min) Think of it this way: You've heard the phrase 'all the world's a stage', right? Well, think of government as a very very well-orchestrated entertaining play, where we sit in front of our TVs and we watch these guys battle it out. We think that the Democrats hate the Republicans, we think the Republicans hate the Democrats, but really they go to dinner at night and talk about their families. They are best friends because they are in on the whole thing. There is no opposite side. There is no one party fighting against the other. It's all a charade.
So, if you think of this whole thing as nothing but a big play where we're watching these people, you know, try to fight for our rights and try to fight for everything that's good, and keep America strong, and all these little terms that they throw at us – it's all fake, okay? The reality of the situation – believe your eyes, believe what is written in their own reports. These reports say it all. And once you learn to start reading them and you go through enough of them you find out that every darn government out there owns more money, has more money hidden in funds that you can possibly imagine. [...] Just remember, it's not about the money as much as it is about ownership, okay? Ownership is the key.

cca) That was one of the deepest and completest radio interviews I've ever heard, Clint, at all.
Thanks, man, for this tremendous inspiration! Also an impressive validation of some of my own key considerations from another research background.
The personality of the corporation corrupts everybody's personality, but that's exactly what the corporation was designed for. Based on which model? The brotherhood, of course, a mafia company of absolute loyal spiritual soldiers – loyalty in the sense of its founder Saint Ignatius of Loyola as military allegiance meaning blind obedience. In my opinion, the corporation is the magic wood ("Magic Ones were always made out of the wood of a holy tree, was made out of holy wood, and we're still seeing the magic of the wood of the holy tree: Hollywood, motion pictures, television." Jordan Maxwell) that made the whole society of Western civilization (and finally the entire world) a Society of Jesus.

My proposal of what could be done about the situation "right now" would be to combine Walter Burien's idea of a transparency bank as the core element and foundation of a new kind of democratic synchronicity network of real mediators instead of opinion-makers, as it has been initiated by Jon Stewart over six years ago ("You could create a paradigm of a media organization that is geared towards 'No Bullshit'. And do it actively. And stop pretending that we don't know what's going on. And stop pretending that it's a right-left question. I don't buy that the world is divided into bi-chromatic thought like that.") and already put in place in its original form since, I believe, four years through "Mr. 9/11 Synchronicity" Richard 'There Is No Freedom Without Cognitive Liberty' Grove. And those arbiters have to deserve their role in a cooperative as well as competitive way, which probably will become one of the most dangerous job advertisements at all, because by doing so they probably would develop their new profession towards being the most direct counterpart some day of those Roman knights at the very top whose piety politics got us into this trouble and rule all Corporatist hierarchies from there, but maybe only in the beginning – who knows.