April 11, 2011

My conversation with Max – chapter two

04/09'11 My conversation with Max – chapter one
Clint Richardson

Max) I understand better what you mean, but those I've listed tend to stick with what they can prove and have documentation(s), and I completely agree their choice to stick with what they see as documented facts and analysis. You may disagree but use logic to show why you do so.
When I say I roughly agree, I mean their analysis usually concur to my own research and judgement.
You called them liars: show it to me with links and if possible context. To my knowledge they don't claim to know everything and they encourage to make your own judgement trough research.
As a example, you claim Ray McGovern is a "Jesuit-trained" – how do you know that?
The Wikipedia page doesn't show that.
Personally I can't just do like 9/11 isn't a big deal. It is way beyond what I tolerate.
Before I did my own research on 9/11 (by what I picked in the corporate media) I presumed that the conspiracy therorie(s) was like the analysis of a low resolution/blur strange photo (but some do, like in plane site).
But I was wrong (to think something as big as 9/11 would be cover up in such a massive scale).
The way I was thinking (a least close enough) is well explained in this article: 06/22'10 The News Media at War
I've personally had some training in hydraulics and know how pressure is built in a close system.
So, when Popular Mechanics claim that the squibs (aka puff of dust) are the result of the pressure of the floors collapsing (this is my analysis) I know it's ludicrous. That is lying.
If you show to me their lies I will revise my trust to them, research for myself your claim(s) and if it add up, I'll revise my position. Personally I came to the conclusion that my trust on the corporate media was unfounded, so I completely stopped watching TV (except I download the U.K. program Top Gear ...) and I read my local newspaper just to be aware what others are reading, not as a reliable source of information.

tt) "We have a great desire to introduce excellence and rigor into the classroom and every subject we teach."
Fordham University not at wikipedia – are you sure?

According to the new Provincial for Germany, Denmark and Sweden Stefan Kiechle SJ, the "companions of Jesus" own exactly 231 institutions of higher education today, globally. No other organization has a recruiting structure in place like this that generates scienticians, secret service agents, presidents, generals, actors, journalisticians, politicians, diplomats ... all parts, so to speak, for the "tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic scientific and political operations."
And Fordham in New York City, where Ray McGovern got his mind set from, is one of them.

But my point in showing Rich the Jesuit connection in the process of transferring the Prussian education system into the New World by the "founding father" of American public education Horace Man and others actually is that we all are more or less Jesuit-trained, simply because the whole shepherd-sheep college education system is designed from Catholic knights.

"I feel it was sinister because the Prussian model was for the use of the state and the state doesn't respond to market signals. Therefore, it doesn't serve the people it serves itself.
It seeks to have people march lockstep with its diktats. It produces weapons of mass instruction.
Education not molested by the state would have to produce more critical thinkers."

A comment left by Jtfreelander at quantumshift.tv in December 2009.

I mean, think about: If even Richard isn't capable of detecting the ubiquity of Jesuitism in modern Western civilization, doesn't that show how effectively this "9/11 conspiracy church" works?
And it goes even beyond that,
because when I speak of Christology as the most fundamental of all layers of piety I'm actually saying that we all are more or less Catholics with regard to the history of ideas. And to make this a little more clear I would ask Rich and Lisa, what's the big deal with the Alumbrado connection when it comes to Loyola and his idea of "loyalty" as militarily blind obedience? Sure it's true, but what difference does it make whether the newest update of the proven old mind control techniques came from the Vatican Library or from the secret archives of the headquarters of the Alumbrados? Does a difference really exist here at all worth differentiating on is what I'm asking. Or can you identify the spiritual exercices of St Ignatius as Qabalist mysticism while I call them the spiritual essence of Catholicism and both mean basically the same thing, because the secret teachings of all historical brotherhoods and brotherhood-like quasi-military organizations of all ages are just variants about one special set of ideas, which, all things considered, makes the Atlantean temple civilizations to what they are?
This is an example where traditional conspiracy theory creates unnecessary complications that a closer look at the devotional circumstances can quickly and easily resolve.

Do you understand what I'm talking about, Max? Richard's blindspotology where you show me my blindspots and then I'll show you yours and so forth will, with all of its trivium-based rationality, definitely not be able to approach the complexity of these piety sediments, so to speak, in everyone of us appropriately. Be it the shepherds or be it the sheep. Though it's a very good idea to begin with. In other words, I think, the key to understand the "conspiracy" is to understand the mentality of a society, and this mentality is without question controlled through the according to Richard one everlasting war: the war on consciousness. And this is the reason why the Jesuitical Argument can be seen as the opposite of teaching.

The opposite of teaching – think about! Practised by the most highly respected teachers on earth, who have given you your education system in the first place and control through the way your puerile and later juvenile mind becomes embedded into the current spiritual status quo, on which church and state have always worked together hand in hand, the biggest part of your mentality. It's a very intimate story. It's very personal.
And you nailed exactly this most direct connection between every "9/11 pupil" (on the planet), so to speak, and its "9/11 teachers" by emphasizing that you "personally couldn't just do like 9/11 isn't a big deal".
The same with me: Even if this act of inculturation took place thousands of miles away, its quasi-extraterrestrial monstrosity was nothing that I could simply let go or simply accept as the (pedagogical) disciplinary measure that it was. It was meant personally. From the very top of the corporate pyramid of political world power to every single unitiated as well as every single less-initiated loyal member of this Egyptoid priestly military hierarchy.
The reason why I got rid of my teleadvisory set yet in November 2001 and never wanted it back again.

Now you can hopefully understand who I mean when I use the words "top-level ultra liars and absolute sociopaths". Those you have listed as trustworthy presenters of valuable information do not belong in this category. But what piety theory, for instance, should be capable of is – again, in contrast to any conspiracy research – not only to find out who indeed is an agent, a gatekeeper, and a false flag philanthropist, but also to show exactly why. Compare, for instance, your bullhorning T-Rex Jones how he penetrates his conspiracy rhetoric with a far more comprehensive, systematical, meaningful and deeper research approach like Clint Richardson's that gives you clear insights into "the machine" with much room to create practical solutions to fight this spiritual-economic monolithic monster of Corporatist mafia mentality.

The CAFR is literally the audit of the Federal Reserve!

American Feudal Fiefdoms (10/25'10 Clint Richardson with Dale Williams)

@ 11 min – Dave) Here is the thing. Let me repackage it in regular guy speech and you are a very regular guy in your speech, but let me get it even dumber, okay? These layers of government, the City of Sandy, the County of Salt Lake, the State of Utah and the Federal Government – all individual corporations, and what they have formed is a kind of neo-Feudalism. Essentially, we never left the Feudal State except for a little while maybe right before and right after our revolution but the powers came back in and they own everything. The governments owns just about everything in terms of what we think of as commercial property or commercial value in this country. Am I going to crazy here?

Clint) Not in the least. In fact, that's the whole point of this documentary is to document that fact in a way that will blow your mind. Everybody that's listening right now, you just need to clear your mind of all the things that you've ever thought, all of your party affiliations, left, right, up, or down, it does not matter, because this is one group of people, no matter who you elect. I mean let's face it. If you like the president or if you think you like the president, who is the rest of government? Everybody that that president appoints.
Everybody in government is appointed except the president.

@ 16 min – Dave) We have a monumental problem that is adversarial to human dignity, to the ownership of private property, to having some control over your future and some futurity that you can pass on to your grand children and your children. One of the biggest impediments to that is that the governments at all their levels are essentially fiefdoms, they are feudal fiefdoms that own just about everything in terms of so-called private enterprise in this country, everything in the stock market.

@ 25 min – Clint) In other words, a senator or a congressman will start an insurance fund for himself and then actually give himself the dividends and at the end of his tenure at this term in Congress or Senat will take the profit of that fund home with it. Not to mention they had ... It's crazy, these guys have so many ways to hide the money. One of them is to build condos in foreign countries. That's a classic way of doing it. Total personal enrichment. You've got to realize that congressmen and senators, according to which boards and committees that they sit on, each one of them can get from 500.000 to over a million dollars put into their tax-exempt discretionary expense account for every board or committee that they sit on. So some of these guys have multi-, multi-, multi-, multi-million dollars expense accounts, and I include in that equation people like Ron Paul, people who you think are your heros, people who, you know, we portray as the people who are trying to help us. Well, here is Ron Paul saying we need to audit the Fed, but see: Ron Paul knows very well. In fact, he has been asked about it. He said he cannot talk about the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report of the Fed, which I include in my documentary. The CAFR is literally the audit of the Federal Reserve! In it it states, in 2008, the Fed has eleven billion dollars worth of gold certificates, the amount of interest that was paid on Federal Reserve notes was 36 billion dollars, the amount of accessed money the surplus that it had was 2.5 trillion dollars. Trillion – that's enough ... I mean if you took two trillion dollars and you stacked one dollar bills on top of each other it would go to the moon and back. An audit is therefore already done. Ron Paul knows this. He has been asked this by Walther, actually. If you are not familiar with Walter Burien you must know, you must go to cafr1.com, understand what he's trying to do to change this. Talk to the man and really just understand what the heck is going on.

@ 34 min – Dave) You know, guys like me sit down here and say things like 'government is the biggest crime syndicate in the history of man', and I think, a lot of times, Clint, at least in my ... we don't really know what we're saying. This thing is the perfected mafia.

@ 46 min – Clint) What's really gonna bake your noodle is, you know, they don't call police "police" anymore, they are now "law enforcement" and "code enforcement". There has been court cases that say that police have no obligation to protect and serve the people, because they are literally the corporate police. They are there to ensure the continuity of government by collecting fines, fees, make ensure that you're not breaking all these codes and regulations. () Jordan says you cannot put signs in your yard, and I'm like 'uh, wait a minute, whose land is it?' Well, turns out it's their land.

caller) 'My question to you is how in the world can we get away with raising all these taxes when they have all this money?'

Clint) Because all you see is the Taxpayer Budget, which is just a small portion of this report, which is not shown to the people. The only way to possibly do anything about this is to do what I'm doing now.
To tell you the truth, I might be risking my life by coming out in such a big way and telling people this. The first guy that did it – his website was cafrman.com – he is dead now. Walter Burien is the next guy, he learned from cafrman. Walter had his kids kidnapped, his dog shut, he has been in jail, he has people killed next to him, he is constantly in and out of court, and he is broke! [...] It's either this or in just a very short time the government will own literally everything in the world and let alone the country.

tt) Being trained in engineer skills, I guess, I don't have to tell you that we really have to go to the bottom of this stuff or, if you rather want to see it like a computer game, to the absolute top level, because only there this whole labyrinth of conspiracy entertainment (remember Alan Watt: "enter" plus "tain" equals "under the cover") and with that the whole maelstrom of infotainment business, compounded by the corporate and the conspiracy mainstream, will start to become transparent and understandable. Think about, the vast majority of academics is nothing more than modern serfs of this ultra-efficient, neo-Feudalistic, Jesus corruptocracy, about which Jon-Boy won't be tired to say it again and again that we're living in insanity. And why? Because they are too busy to study these informations or they simply believe that the whole material of a conspiracy mongering "truth movement" of "lay people" who declare themselves being incorruptible as "internet detectives" is as crazy as all the controversial stuff like the eternal controversy about UFOs or Icke's shapeshifting cosmic dragons, the controversy about the hollow earth or the moon landing ... what have you.
You see I can't tolerate skyscrapers that are suddenly erupting like volcanoes as much like you, but why do we necessarily have to walk because of that right into their trap of conspiracy ideology? Maybe you haven't noticed it but "9/11 truth" cult figures like Mr. Jones and Mr. Tarpley, who have given millions of truthseekers a new native land for their soul through constantly accentuating this revolutionary infowarrior attitude, are mocking about more consequent and elaborate research projects like anchormen of the corporate mainstream like Claus Kleber or Jean Hannity are mocking about the more radical and expansive investigation concepts of "conspiracy theorists", as they are propagating it from their politically very limited governmental perspective.

Jones and Tarpley talk a lot all day long, frequently interrupted by wild prophecies based on their hardcore Conspiracism, but they never taught you anything useful about the Catholic and Masonic international brotherhoods. They are good in telling you anything else. And they are good in aggregating information away from the Catholic and Masonic Jesus theorists and extremists or simply disintegrating everything into absolutely nothing, which notably makes Jones this mighty black hole for any remains of meaningful knowledge. I mean I've stopped listen to both of them years ago, so I can't give you many detailed examples of their behavior at the moment, but I'm pretty sure, if you had the research capacity of the Daily Show, for instance, it would be a little bit like this: 01/24'11 "The rhetoric is absolutely over the top." (O'Reilly) Stewart: "Wow! Wow! If that guy (Karl Rove) is telling you that you should feel shame, it's like Charlie Sheen showing up at your intervention to tell you to take it down a notch." The I-issue-a-challenge segment after the first three minutes is the interesting part. Sure, you don't need to be a piety researcher to show the spiritual and political boundaries of Murdoch's News Corporation, nonetheless, it pointed out the ubiquity, the scope, and the goal-directedness of hypocrisy and mendacity in the news business and in the public today. And although it's never very helpful to call somebody a liar, or a lying scumbag, or something worse if he or she doesn't share your belief system, your worldview, your philosophy, there is a certain way to recognize who is at the very top of this monolithic structure of intellectual contempt, because they have to push the liar's craft to the absolute extreme.

Here is a link to the prisonplanet podcast where Alex mocks a question from a caller (Walt Williams) on the Maltese Knights to protect and worship Mafiosi Bugliosi ("One of the most successful prosecutors in U.S. history [...] This is the mental illness of the American people. We have a very serious person on the air talking about serious issues, not crack garbage. I'm sorry, Mr. Bugliosi ...") who in fact pretends to know nothing about what Catholic knighthood is good for: "This 'Malta' or whatever you've said, I'm not familiar with that term, Walt ..." Vincent Bugliosi a serious person – think about it! Fascinating.

Ibidem "Orwell's Ghost" Eric from Indiana:

"George Tenet [chief of staff of the double magic transformation of iconic skyscrapers into active artificial city volcanos in 2001] also graduated from the Jesuit Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. As did Clinton, Gates, Feith, Rice (mentor was Madeline Albright's father, both were professors), Petraeus, Casey, Durbin, Haig, Prince Turki, Prince Felipe, Arroyo, King of Jordan, the list goes on and on. It's all the Holy Roman Empire, everything falls under its umbrella, including the Zionists who got their wealth from Emperor-Elect Prince William in 1806 when the Emperor was forced to abdicate to Napoleon."

You'll find no shred of consistency and clarity if you're gonna take his entire material that he has published during the last several years. This is the reason why I call him a conspiracy mongering instant water heater of false flag online journalism. Alex is using the exact same propaganda techniques for his Truth Church that Papist Murdoch's "Hannities" use for their Republican congregation.
08/17'10 Newsweek ranks the world's best countries – Fox News TV Show Star Sean Hannity:
"America is the single greatest nation that God ever gave man on this earth."
"We say it's the greatest country God gave men ... We live in the single greatest, best country God gave men"
"The single greatest, best, freest country God ever gave men."

My "synchronicity portfolio" or my "navigation rates" in terms of "roughly agreeing" to useful information sources on the (whisper)web would probably read like this today:

Neil Kramer 99 %, Bruce Lipton 99%, Acharya S 99 %,
Terence McKenna/Graham Hancock 88 %,
Clint Richardswood/Walter Burien 88 %,
Jordan Maxwell/Michael Tsarion/Christopher Hitchens 88 %,
Richard Grove/Lisa Arbercheski 88 %,
Jan Irvin/Brett Veinotte/Paul Verge 88 %,
Frank O'Collins/Craig Oxley/Eric Phelps/Troy Space/Greg Szymanski/Thomas Richards/Tom Friess 88 %,
Alex Jones 33 %, David Icke 44 %, Alan Watt 77 %, Webster Tarpley 55 %,
Robert Newman 88 %, Stefan Molyneux 88 %, Mark Buchanan 77 %, Susan Blackmore 77%
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert 66 %,
ARD/ZDF 33 %, Spiegel Online 33 % ... you know, something like that.

As you see, Alex Jones scores about the same percentage as the big German broadcasting corporations and the sensationalist press. But I had to work on it, it's my very first map on the matter.

You're really missing logic in my thoughts? Well, then how about a little exercise in logical thinking, okay?
On the same day Richard writes in a breath, so to speak, on the one hand that kind of a "ruling class" basically needs two things to maintain their power over a supposedly "non-ruling class": a) hiding some crucial knowledge (about the most important things in life) and b) providing a superior education to their members in general. On the other hand, when asked about the role of Professor Quigley in this game, he stated that his book Tragedy and Hope illustrates how the success of this higher education would even allow the rulers to "write about it ... and the Establishment hasn't yet felt a ripple of consequence." Now, write about what? About point a) and b) or only about point b)? Because if you don't have to stick to a) any longer, the aspect of secrecy losts its importance immediately, alright? And in addition to that would it quickly become clear that this partly "suspension of the conspiracy" couldn't work at all without the existence of pieties on different sides. Pieties that by the way can be almost as iron as blood oaths or other existential commitments. The question here seems to be whether Richard thinks Quigley tells hims truths of any sort or just truths about the main differences within the education system and why they are so efficient. In either case and whatever way you want to go with this, I think it will show, as a matter of principle, that all elaborations about the extent to which concealed connections could possibly be disclosed would have more to do with piety-theoretical estimations than with secrecy-related decisions.

Corporations that are playing government with the people

Walter and Clint from the CAFR faculty argue that we should better focus on the evidence of crime right in front of our eyes and that we should try to take back the money from the corporations that are playing government with the people, instead of, you know, fighting each other over differences in interpretations about who is pulling whose strings and so forth. And although I'm not entirely satisfied with this strategy I massively support it, because the huge amount of shadows within this mad, stigmatized, and hopelessly controversial labyrinth of any imaginable conspiracy stuff doesn't let a vast majority of interested parties see the obvious. For example, many believe till this day that Hoover actually had meant what he said about the monstrous nature of "the conspiracy". Nothing could be farther from the truth, because the individual is handicapped to understand the thoroughly corrupt and perverse nature of this neo-Feudalist corporatocracy as result of Rome's continuing Counter-Reformation mostly for one simple reason: because everybody believes either it is a conspiracy or it is not. Period. End of story. This is the biggest success of "9/11": this unending and for the most part practically meaningless confrontation.

"What we're talking about here is not a bunch of rich fat cats, we're talking about a whole group of people who see opportunity. Because it's easy money." "There's no such thing of ethics anymore in business." "People don't even think about the jobs they are doing anymore, they just do it. They don't think 'oh, this is really corrupt, I shouldn't be doing this.'" "No one has the crisis of conscience." "Usury is just natural to people." These statements from Clint are in my opinion much more powerful, basically, than any revelations about who is pulling the strings in the quasi-military corporate hierarchy. Because what happens with this transferral of the general focus from believing or not-believing in an alleged conspiracy towards a critical investigation into the mentality within the mafia machinery of Roman loyalty, the whole search for what's real will more or less automatically become more and more non-confrontational, non-violent, and integrative.

"I'm imagining a society that is based on rewarding employees for honesty and integrity instead of being the best thief. You know, the best of the best of traitors go work for the government, the worst of the worst of them go work for these trading companies." Richardson again. What Clint wants us to understand, I think, is that the issue of his documentary The Corporation Nation is – in comparison with any other subject of investigation, where conspiracy theory tries to uncover the deeds of darkness of a shadowy elitist "ruling-class" – not a controversy. What he presents is nothing but clear evidence. And in my understanding the whole topic of how corporations play government with the people (or how they even can play this game with a deeply televisionized, mentally and bodily completely incorporated human stock) boils down to just one simple question: Do you want your individual and your social life to be ruled by the personality of The Corporation or do you not? And the fact that's important to bear in mind at this point is that there can't be in any way democratic relations in society as long as the corporate model of Roman loyalty basically flushes the most mafia-minded characters to the top of its Kafkaesque bureaucracies. And the greatest despisers of man at all are the same who have perfected the liar's craft, and their only goal in life is to rule. No sex, no family, nothing else. In the words of Casey Beaumier SJ:

"I think people need Jesuits.
I think that people hunger for the Society of Jesus to be of some good in their lifes."